At Broadway Dental Boutique, we often get asked if our treatments are free, or if we offer treatments on the NHS. Our dental practice is fully private, and in this post, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about private dental practices vs NHS practices. 

What is an NHS dental practice?

An NHS dentist provides dental services under the National Health Service (NHS). NHS dentists offer a range of dental treatments and services to patients at a lower cost, making dental care more accessible and affordable for the general public.

NHS dental care covers treatments that are considered clinically necessary, such as dental check-ups and fillings, and restorative treatments including fillings, and crowns. Some treatments including, composite bonding, whitening are not generally offered within an NHS practice, since they are not considered essential. 

Why is it so hard to get an NHS dentist? 

There are many reasons as to why it can be such a challenge to find an NHS dentist.

  • There is a high demand for NHS dental services, and the number of available NHS dentists is not sufficient to meet the needs of the population. This can lead to difficulties in finding available appointments, particularly for routine check-ups.
  • There is a lack of funding in the NHS, which affects the number of new patients a NHS practice can take on, this contributes to longer waiting time and reduced accessibility.

What is the difference between an NHS and private dentist? 

In contrast, a private dentist operates within a private practice and provides dental services on a fee-for-service basis. Patients pay directly for their treatments. Private dentistry offers a wide range of services, including general and cosmetic dentistry, with the advantages of shorter waiting times, greater flexibility in choosing a dentist, and access to advanced technologies. Private dentists can provide all treatment options, rather than just essential services available under the NHS. At Broadway Dental Boutique, we fall under this category, as a private practice. 

Is a private dentist better than the NHS?

Going private, has some benefits over NHS dental care, including: 

  • We spend longer with our patients, and go more in depth during our dental check-ups, with a thorough examination of teeth and gums and cancer screening. This means we can thoroughly check your teeth and gums, and ensure they’re healthy. 
  • We invest in the latest dental technologies and techniques, leading to more efficient and effective treatments.
  • We offer cosmetic treatments, unlike the NHS, private dentists also offer cosmetic treatments so you can improve the way your smile looks. Including composite bonding, teeth whitening, Invisalign, veneers and dental implants. 
  • We offer extended opening hours, compared to NHS dentists. Our practice is open late on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which gives you more flexibility in scheduling your appointments at a time that suits you. 
  • We prioritise creating an environment that feels comfortable and welcoming, so that you feel at ease during your visit. We want to make even the most nervous patients feel welcome during treatment. 

Is private dental care free for pregnant women? 

We do not offer free treatment for pregnant women, this is only available  if you’re registered with an NHS dentist. 

How much is a private dentist?

Paying for dental treatments at a private dental practice varies based on the treatment you’re looking to have, a breakdown of our fees can be found here. We understand that not everyone can pay for their treatments in one go, so we offer payment plans and options, to suit all our patients needs. Including 0% interest for plans spread over 12 months, or longer than 12 months with interest. 

For patients looking to maintain and look after their oral health, we offer a membership plan that includes all of your regular appointments, (2 dental check-ups and hygiene appointments annually) broken down into affordable monthly payments. Our membership also includes a range of other benefits, such as worldwide cover, emergency appointments and free consultations for cosmetic treatment. This is offered to patients who are dentally stable. 

Do private dentists treat children? 

Just like an NHS dentist, we also treat children. We offer discounted rates to children, which can be found on our fees page. 

Is it better to go to a private or NHS dentist? 

In conclusion, an NHS dentist provides essential and affordable care, while private dentistry offers a wider range of services, greater flexibility, and enhanced cosmetic options. The choice between the two will often depend on your individual needs, preferences, and budget considerations.

For any further questions about our practice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our team is more than happy to help.