Dental Emergency

What Is a Dental Emergency?

If you experience sudden and severe dental pain or trauma it may require immediate attention from a dental professional. These emergencies typically involve conditions or injuries that, if left untreated, can result in significant pain, infection, damage to teeth or surrounding tissues, or other serious complications.

The aim of our dental emergency appointment is to relive you of any pain and discomfort.

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What Is Included In an Emergency Appointment?

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    During the appointment your dentist will assess the issue. This could be for example a broken tooth, lost crown or pain.

  • X-Rays

    X-rays will be taken, if they are needed in order for your dentist to assess the issue or finalise a treatment plan.

  • Antibiotics

    Antibiotics are included in the emergency fee if they are clinically needed.

  • Treatment Plan

    The aim of the appointment is to relieve any pain and discomfort. If further treatment is needed, this would be completed in a second appointment and your dentist will talk you through the treatment plan.

Nervous Patients

How We Help Our Nervous Patients

We pride ourselves in providing the best care to all our patients, however we understand that coming to the surgery can be a very daunting thought for many people. We take lots of steps to help our nervous patients feel as comfortable as possible whilst attending appointments. You can read more about this on our Nervous Patient page.

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Can’t even begin to thanks all the team at Broadway Dental for there amazing services! They are there to listen and advise, never push you to make expensive decisions, give you all the options and really make you feel at home and at ease. Their dental work in my opinion is second to none! Worth every single penny.. Thank you once again guys.. You are..Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!


Dental Emergencies FAQs

Have questions? We're here to help.

What should I do if I knock out a tooth?

Try to gently place the tooth back into its socket if possible. If not, store it in a container of milk or saliva and seek dental care immediately. Time is critical when it comes to saving a knocked-out tooth.

What should I do if I break a tooth?

Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the area. If there’s bleeding, apply gauze to control it. Seek dental care promptly to assess the damage and repair the tooth.

How can I manage severe toothache at home?

Rinse your mouth with warm water, floss gently to remove any debris, and take over-the-counter pain relievers if necessary. Avoid using aspirin directly on the tooth as it can irritate the gum tissues. Schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible.

Our Pricing

Emergency Appointment Pricing

The price of our dental emergency appointments includes a full assessment of the specific issue, X-Rays if required and antibiotics if clinically needed.

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